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web developer
graphic artist
Inspired by nature.
Graffiti and Graphics
I remember this one Sunny Sunday afternoon when my grand mother asked what I do for a living. I nodded a little thinking of the perfect words to explain Graphic Design since she was from (BBC) Born before computer, reluctantly I said “Gogo I do graphic design now, I am a graphic designer.” For a moment she went silent, I looked at her old brilliant wrinkled shiny face as she puts on a smile, then she says “OOhooooooo I remember now I know it, you do Graffiti for a living” I burst into a lifter and just had to go with the flow. “yes gogo I do graffiti” as a small tear drop trotted on one of my chick.

True Greatness. She made amazing clay pots. She checked every little detail on each and everyone of them before she put them in the fire one more last time. Like an octopus, there I was watching and learning from the craft women at work.

Wanted to say I am a genius magician, most amazing great ever web graphic designer, but the truth is I am just the guy who designs great looking websites, wonderful designs with a bit of JavaScript programming and clients love it.


I am driven and hands-on work in a wide range of design disciplines for companies all over the world. As a designer, manager, researcher, advisor, co-founder, team leader and a good reliable friend, I am currently traveling around the world, crafting and visualising concrete solutions that save human needs.



I create efficient and innovative experiences that balance user needs and business goals. I have over five years of experience in freelancing professionally in this field, in addition to a lifetime’s amount of serious study about these subjects in my off time. I work in a range of creative areas including web design & development, illustration & logos, animation & photography.


Developing pixel perfect design and code for personal or business websites. This includes hand crafted websites from top to bottom & websites built around a CMS.


All websites are designed & coded with responsive in mind. Product will look & function just as well on desktop, tablet, mobile devices… or anything else in between.



In addition to web, graphic design services are also available. This includes web & printed graphic design. Ranging from logos & branding, to business cards & posters.


Some websites may be an ongoing project that will need maintenance or support. I also offer services for ongoing content updates & website maintenance.

I am a. UX & UI designer with wide range of knowledge in different design disciplines.

I am constantly in motion, learning and trying new things.

  • Adobe Photoshop 98% 98%
  • Adobe illustrator 97% 97%
  • Adobe InDesign 80% 80%
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 94% 94%
  • Adobe After Effects 40% 40%
  • Adobe Flash Animations 48% 48%
  • Wordpress 90% 90%
  • HTML 94% 94%
  • CSS3 92% 92%
  • SASS 80% 80%
  • JAVA SCRIPT 67% 67%
  • C# Currently Leaning this 25% 25%


Web Design


Graphic Design







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